I guess I have several dogs in this fight as I am a Montana resident who hunts. This guy is a sack of shit who does not even come close to representing any other hunters I know nor myself. There is a huge split between many residents here where I live over the issue of wolves but that split does not manifest itself in… » 9/23/14 6:10pm 9/23/14 6:10pm

There are also industry practices for how the menu items are arranged on the page based on eye movement. I dont remember the particulars, but I took a seminar on menu design where they tracked very specific paths the eyes of men and women went and used the data to upsell items or focus on lower food cost higher profit… » 7/18/14 6:54pm 7/18/14 6:54pm

This is a great article thanks. I wanted to hear your opinions on ceramic blades. I've used two in the past in kitchens but was personally unimpressed. The first knife was too small around 4" and the other just felt odd to my hands. I believe both were kyrocera blades. » 7/01/14 9:36pm 7/01/14 9:36pm

I also owned a Galaxy Nexus and it had the worst battery life of any phone I've ever had. The stupid thing was constantly tethered to a charger until I finally was able to receive an upgrade on my account. Now, based on recommendations from this site and Giz, I own a MotoX that just does not die. I can run anything… » 5/17/14 4:47pm 5/17/14 4:47pm