We do it here in Montana too. The way I look at it is I just bought this bad assed snowblowing demon and it takes me minutes to do the driveway and walk, why not keep going. Plus, if you just stop abrubtly at a neighbors lot line you are an asshole. Finish the job and let the Honda dominate that cold snowy shit pile… » 1/03/14 2:20pm 1/03/14 2:20pm

Just bought my wife a 10" tablet and she was looking at cases for it. As I'm peeping over her shoulder to see the case I noticed how it was supposed to work. At that moment I realized that's how mine works too (Moko). I've had the case for a year as I used to use it for the OG Nexus 7. For one year I have been propping… » 12/23/13 6:11pm 12/23/13 6:11pm

No kidding, I was going to add that racist New Englanders, isolationist Freeeman Westerners, xenophobic residents of northern Idaho, asshats from Texas, Floridians, and all the other state's inhabitants that don't fit into the old definition of the South are also dead set against healthcare for the same or similar… » 12/09/13 5:07pm 12/09/13 5:07pm